Our Story

December 2017, in the spirit of the Holidays,  staff and individuals from Vocational Innovations decided they wanted to impact the lives others in our community. With the assistance of outside donors and a staff with a personal connection to Orangewood Foundation: Foster & Community Services, they set out to make a difference in the lives of the foster kids.   Participants, staff, friends, and family came together to support another population in need by assembling 250 bags with supplies such as grooming kits and winter clothing like scarves and socks.

It was bittersweet to see this project come to end. Helping others not only brought joy to the lives of others, but also made us feel better about how we spent our own days. This ignited the desire to continue to doing meaningful activities and finding new ways to impact others in our community, especially those in need.

Soon after, Champions of Ability was officially started. Our mission is to connect with other non-profits and charitable organizations so our volunteers (clients, staff, family, and friends) can come together to help others!

Our most valuable champions are the clients from Vocational Innovations, who have been supported by others for a big part of their lives, and now express the desire to return the pleasure to serve others.

*For more information on Vocational Innovations visit: https://www.vocinnovations.com/*

We’re Here To Help:

Current Projects:

Champions of Ability is fundraising to help create emergency care kits for the women of Pathways to Independence. This will help provide the women a basic human need: safety, to which every human should be entitled.

Visit: Pathways to Independence

Our Goal: Raise $2500

To create 50 emergency care kits that include:

  • Household fire extinguisher
  • Fire resistant document bag
  • Battery powered phone charger + batteries
  • Therapeutic items such as stress balls and journals

How to be Involved:

  • Sponsor a participant in our Awareness Walk
  • Join the walk and be sponsored
  • Donate! (materials or funds- see QR code below)

         Join Our Movement

If you are interested in supporting a particular population or organization and need the help of our champions, contact us at: ngandhi@vocinnovations.com

Amazon Smile: https://smile.amazon.com/

Venmo: Champions of Ability (preferred)

PayPal Donations: paypal.com

**Spotlight Donors**

A very special thanks to Mrs. Kinna Gandhi and Dr. Nitin Shah for always supporting our projects. They have helped us financially, without question or hesitation, and also in numerous other ways. They have assisted in connecting us with other donors and organizations, as well as helping us obtain low cost and good quality products to extend our services to even more people. They are our moral champions!


Champions of Ability 501(c)(3) corporation #45-4626035